Collaborative Drug Therapy Management

NEW - Statewide Immunization Protocol

Kansas-licensed pharmacists may now provide immunizations to patients pursuant to the Statewide Immunization Protocol, authorized by the Kansas Secretary of Health and Environment, Dr. Lee Norman, MD.

1. Review all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to immunizations
2. Ensure compliance with the CPR certificate standards
3. Download the official, pre-signed Statewide Immunization Protocol
4. Review and sign the Statewide Immunization Protocol
5. Maintain a copy of your signed Statewide Immunization Protocol and all CPR certifications for a period of five years at the location(s) where immunizations are provided.

If a pharmacist does not want to use the statewide protocol, they may use their own physician-pharmacist protocol that meets all state requirements.

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Collaborative Drug Therapy Management Committee Members

John Worden, PharmD, Non-Voting Chair
Amanda Applegate, PharmD
Katie Foster, PharmD
Jennifer Loucks, PharmD
Vacant - MD/DO
Robert Moser, MD
Joseph Spurlock, MD