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2021 Pharmacy and Facility Renewals

Pharmacy and other facility permits are eligible for renewal through June 30, 2021. Use the eLicense portal to renew each permit through an automated process and pay using the secure portal.

  • Wholesale Distributors (5-), Non-Resident Pharmacies (22-), and Outsourcing Facilities (20-) should allow 10 business days for Board review and approval. Once approved, the facility can log back in and print/download a copy of the renewed permit.
  • All other facilities may immediately print the 2021-2022 renewal permit. If additional copies are needed, the facility can log back in and print/download a copy of the renewed permit.

Non-Resident Pharmacies and Facilities: If you have not received an in-person or virtual inspection from your home state or NABP in the time frame required for Kansas renewal (18 months for pharmacies, 36 months for all other facilities) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following should be submitted with your renewal:

  • Completed Self-Inspection Attestation Form (N-300)
  • Completed Self-Inspection using the appropriate form found at the bottom of this page
    • Non-Resident Pharmacy – NRI-22
    • Wholesale Distributor – I-05
    • Non-Resident Nonprescription Drug Distributor – NRI-06

Virtual Distributors and Manufacturers

Kansas recently passed legislation allowing the Board to recategorize virtual distributors and virtual manufacturers, as well as non-resident manufacturers in Kansas. This should alleviate several new requirements imposed on wholesale distributors in 2020 that are not applicable to virtual or manufacturing facilities. During the 2021 renewal period (May 17 – June 30, 2021), virtual distributors, virtual manufacturers, and non-resident manufacturers will be required to do the following to remain registered in Kansas:

  • Complete and submit a BR-04 Manufacturer application along with the renewal fee. Submissions must be received or post-marked no later than June 30, 2021.
  • Non-resident facilities must attach a copy of the most recent inspection report conducted at the current physical location within the past three years by the state of residence, NABP, or FDA.
  • Virtual facilities must attach a list of all products manufactured, as well as the name, address, and phone number of all FDA-registered contract manufacturers; and attach the most recent report of an FDA inspection of manufacturing activities for each manufacturer contracted with the virtual facility to provide any product that is shipped into Kansas.
Failure to submit a completed BR-04 and payment by June 30, 2021 will result in expiration of the registration. Expired registrations are not authorized to do business in Kansas.

Please note: Virtual distributors only need to submit the BR-04 if they are also a manufacturer.

Reference Items

Frequently Asked Questions Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, 3PLs, etc.

Surety Bond forms are available on our Forms Page - S-340 ($25,000) and S-345 ($100,000). These forms are available but use is not required.

Non-Resident Pharmacy Requirements

Kansas law now requires each registered non-resident pharmacy to provide the Board with proof of a satisfactory inspection of the pharmacy conducted within the previous 18-month period and designate a Kansas-licensed pharmacist-in-charge (PIC).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the pharmacist in charge need be licensed in Kansas?
Yes, all non-resident pharmacies must designate a Kansas-licensed PIC for the facility. This does not need to be the same pharmacist that is designated as the PIC for the home state registration.

When does the pharmacy need to be in compliance?
Any currently registered non-resident pharmacy must have a Kansas licensed pharmacist designated at the time of submitting the 2018 renewal (May – June 2018). When the pharmacy renews, they must provide a Kansas license number for their current PIC or change the PIC to a Kansas licensed pharmacist using the BA-50 form. They will also need to provide an inspection report completed within the past 18 months. Instructions for renewals will be sent out prior to the renewal portal opening.

Can a pharmacist be PIC at more than one location?
A pharmacist can only be a PIC at one full-time location. Full-time is defined as having 30 hours or more per week.

We have a pharmacist/PIC who is already licensed in Kansas. What do they need to do?
If your PIC was licensed in Kansas more than two years ago and has never served as PIC at a facility located in Kansas, they will need to take and pass our PIC exam. You can request a PIC exam by emailing [email protected]. Please provide the facility number and the PIC’s name and Kansas license number. 

Inspection Forms