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Surety Bond forms are available on our Forms Page - S-340 ($25,000) and S-345 ($100,000). These forms are available but use is not required.

Non-Resident Pharmacy Requirements

Kansas law now requires each registered non-resident pharmacy to provide the Board with proof of a satisfactory inspection of the pharmacy conducted within the previous 18-month period and designate a Kansas-licensed pharmacist-in-charge (PIC).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the pharmacist in charge need be licensed in Kansas?
Yes, all non-resident pharmacies must designate a Kansas-licensed PIC for the facility. This does not need to be the same pharmacist that is designated as the PIC for the home state registration. 

Can a pharmacist be PIC at more than one location?
A pharmacist can only be a PIC at one full-time location. Full-time is defined as having 30 hours or more per week.

Inspection Forms

2023 Pharmacy and Facility Renewals

Pharmacy and other facility permits are eligible for renewal from mid-May through June 30, 2023. Use the eLicense portal to renew each permit through an automated process and pay using the secure portal.

  • Nonresident Pharmacies (22-) and Outsourcing Facilities (20-) should allow 15 business days for Board review and approval. Once approved, the facility can log back in and print/download a copy of the renewed permit.
  • All other facilities may immediately print the 2023-2024 renewal permit. If additional copies are needed, the facility can log back in and print/download a copy of the renewed permit.