Pharmacists in Charge

Pharmacists in Charge (PIC) responsibilities are outlined in KAR 68-7-11 for Medical Care Facilities and in KAR 68-7-12 for other facilities.

Pharmacies are required to report changes in PIC:
  • Outgoing PIC information must be submitted to the Board within 5 days of the PIC's last day.
  • Incoming PIC information must be submitted within 30 days of outgoing PIC's last day.
  • A $150 fee is required for PIC changes in pharmacies. For other facilities, please note the fee schedule on the form.
Download the Change in PIC (Form BA-50).

PIC Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

  • How often do CQI meetings need to be conducted?

    • CQI meetings must be held quarterly (every 90 days).
    • K.A.R. 68-19-1
  • What documentation needs to be completed during a CQI meeting?

    • Date of meeting
    • Who attended
    • Review and list all incident reports generated since last quarterly meeting
    • What progressive preventative steps will be implemented to prevent future errors
    • List of Board newsletter(s) reviewed since last CQI meeting
    • Best practice is to utilize prescription numbers when identifying incident reports reviewed.
    • CQI meeting reports must be made available to the Board for inspection.
    • K.S.A. 65-1695 and KAR 68-19-1
  • What form do I use to document a CQI meeting?

    Any form may be used provided it includes all requirements of the statute and/or regulation. You may use the CQI Form provided by the Board and found under “Forms” on the Board website.

Pharmacist-In-Charge (PIC)

  • Can a pharmacist be a PIC at more than one pharmacy?

    K.A.R. 68-7-13 states “no pharmacist shall be a PIC of more than one full-time pharmacy which is defined as being one where the on-premises pharmacist services total 30 hours or more weekly.” A pharmacist could be a PIC at more than one pharmacy provided the required pharmacists’ services are less than 30 hours per week.

  • What must be done when a PIC resigns?


    • The outgoing PIC must notify the Board no later than five (5) days after ceasing to be PIC. The notification must be made by either submitting section A of the PIC Change Form BA-50 to the Board office or completing the online PIC resignation option after logging into the pharmacist’s Board of Pharmacy eLicense account. The outgoing PIC must also inventory all controlled substances and drugs of concern, listed in K.A.R. 68-21-7(a) no more than two days prior to ceasing to be a PIC and no later than the day ceasing to serve as PIC.
      • K.A.R. 68-2-5, K.A.R. 68-1-9
    • The PIC Change Form BA-50 may be mailed, emailed, or faxed to the Board office. Any mailed Form BA-50 must be postmarked no later than 5 days after the pharmacist’s last day as PIC.
    • If the outgoing PIC is unable to complete the final inventory or is terminated for a suspected or known violation of the Kansas pharmacy act, the pharmacy or facility owner shall request approval from the board to designate another pharmacist to conduct the inventory.
      • K.A.R. 68-1-9(h)(4)
    • The pharmacy owner must obtain a new PIC with 30 days. If additional time is needed, the owner or authorized agent can complete section C of the PIC Change Form BA-50 and submit to the Board before the 30 days expires.
      • K.A.R. 68-1-2a(c)(d)


    • What are the responsibilities of a PIC?

      • See K.A.R. 68-1-9 for responsibilities of ALL PICs
      • For medical care facility specific responsibilities see K.A.R 68-7-11
      • For a facility other than a medical care facility specific responsibilities see K.A.R 68-7-12
      • Each pharmacist-in-charge shall be responsible for reviewing each published board newsletter and posting the newsletter in a conspicuous area within the pharmacy until publication of the next board newsletter.
        •  It needs to be posted in an area where the staff can read it. It does not need to be posted for the public to read.
          • K.A.R. 68-1-9(g)
    • Is there a minimum amount of time a PIC must in the pharmacy?

      • No. The PIC shall supervise the pharmacy on a full-time or part-time basis and shall be personally available to the extent required to ensure comprehensive pharmaceutical services within the pharmacy.
      • K.S.A. 65-1626(xx) and K.A.R. 68-7-12(b)
    • What must be done when assuming the duties of a PIC?

      • The incoming PIC shall take a beginning inventory of ALL controlled substances and drugs of concern no more than two days after beginning to serve as the PIC and submit the completed PIC Change Form BA-50 to the Board.
      • The inventory may be taken simultaneously with the previous PIC on the last day of the previous PIC if both pharmacists are present in the pharmacy, actively participating in the inventory, and sign the inventory.
        • K.A.R. 68-1-9
      • Each prospective PIC shall, at the time of assuming these duties, sign an acknowledgment that states the pharmacist has reviewed the pharmacy act and board’s regulations and is aware of the responsibilities of a pharmacist-in-charge and provide this acknowledgement to the board within 30 days of assuming the duties of PIC.
        • K.A.R. 68-1-2a(b)