Proposed Regulatory Changes

Notice of Public Hearing on proposed new, amended and revoked regulations:
K.A.R. 68-2-10, 68-7-15, 68-19-1, 68-21-6, 68-14-1, 68-14-2, 68-14-3, 68-14-4, 68-14-5, 68-14-7, 68-7-14a, and 68-7-14b
Proposed Regulations
Economic Impact Statements

New Fee Increases - adopted May 7, 2019; effective May 31, 2019

HB 2119 - effective July 1, 2019

The Board has been asked to nominate at least two individuals for potential appointment to the vacancy on the Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board. The vacancy is for a pharmacist who is actively engaged in retail pharmacy and has experience with the State Medicaid Plan. Please have interested candidates submit their name, contact information, letter of interest, and CV/resume to no later than May 23, 2019. For additional information, please visit

Regulations Adopted by the Board of November 27, 2018; effective January 4, 2019:
    KAR 68-13-1 revocation and Economic Impact Statement
    KAR 68-7-10, 68-9-2, 68-9-3 amendments and Economic Impact Statement
    KAR 68-2-23, 68-7-25, 68-20-15b new and Economic Impact Statement