Proposed Regulatory Changes

Notice of Public Hearing on Fee Increases

At the Board’s meeting on February 8, 2019 they considered the practice of “splitting” prescriptions for long term care facilities that are short on inventory and request partial fulfillment by a retail pharmacy sometimes without any official transfer of the prescription. The Board is interested in receiving written comments from pharmacies that provide these services and want to understand the process better. They would like to understand what practical standards exist for servicing LTC facilities, whether transfers occur, whether anyone requires separate prescriptions, how prescriptions are split, how frequently splitting occurs, what the level of interaction is with the LTC facility, how the billing process works, etc. Written comments should be submitted by mail or email no later than April 1, 2019.

Regulations Adopted by the Board of November 27, 2018; effective January 4, 2019:
    KAR 68-13-1 revocation and Economic Impact Statement
    KAR 68-7-10, 68-9-2, 68-9-3 amendments and Economic Impact Statement
    KAR 68-2-23, 68-7-25, 68-20-15b new and Economic Impact Statement