Proposed Regulatory Changes

At the Board’s meeting on November 27, 2018 they reviewed two proposed Task Force recommendations and comments concerning the pharmacy technician ratio. The Board would like to move forward with the draft regulation amendments below but is interested in receiving written comments prior to moving through the administrative regulation adoption process. Such comments will be reviewed by the Board and then they will discuss at their February 8, 2019 meeting. There will be an open meeting and the Board may ask questions based on written comments, but the Board will not hear oral comments on the regulation at this time. If the Board decides to move forward with the administrative regulation adoption process, there will be a later opportunity for public comments (oral and written).
Written comments should be submitted to the Board by mail or email no later than January 25, 2019.

   KAR 68-5-16 Draft

Regulations Adopted by the Board of November 27, 2018; effective January 4, 2019:
    KAR 68-13-1 revocation and Economic Impact Statement
    KAR 68-7-10, 68-9-2, 68-9-3 amendments and Economic Impact Statement
    KAR 68-2-23, 68-7-25, 68-20-15b new and Economic Impact Statement

Regulations Adopted by the Board on March 8 and April 5, 2018; effective May 11, 2018:
    KAR 68-13-2, 68-13-3, and 68-13-4
    KAR 68-21-7
    KAR 68-5-17