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Emergency Opioid Antagonists

Legal Resources

Authorizing Legislation:
HB 2217 - Emergency Opioid Antagonists
Relevant Regulations:
Approved Permanent KAR 68-7-23
Frequently Asked Questions:    
FAQs - Administration
FAQs - Dispensing
Effective July 1, 2017 - Naloxone may be dispensed by pharmacists pursuant to the Statewide Protocol.

NARCAN Step-by-Step Guide

Pharmacist Dispensing pursuant to Statewide Protocol

Board Notification to Pharmacists


     1. Read relevant laws and regulations (HB 2217 and KAR 68-7-23).
Download the official, pre-signed Statewide Protocol.
      3. Review and
sign the official Statewide Protocol.
      4. Send a copy of the last page of the Statewide Protocol to the Board by mail, fax or use our convenient online form to submit your signed copy.
      5. Dispense to the patient, bystander, first responder agency, or school nurse.

Alternatively, a pharmacist may use the blank Statewide Protocol and work with another authorizing physician. Make sure the final page is completely signed by the authorizing physician and pharmacist.

Prescriber, EMS, and LE Resources:

Prescriber Resources:

     HHS Opioid Epidemic Literature

First Responder Agency (LE, EMS) Resources:

     DEA Guide - Fentanyl Briefing for First Responders
     CDC Guide - Preventing Fentanyl Exposure
     FEMA - Hazardous Materials Evidence Collection
     PERF Report on the Opioid Epidemic

Naloxone Resources:

NARCAN Nasal Spray 4mg
    Fact Sheet
    Mobile App
    Kansas Formulary
    Pharmacy Brochure
    Prescribing Information
    Safety Information

Free NARCAN Nasal Spray from ADAPT PHARMA

     High Schools
     High School Order Forms
     Colleges and Universities
     College-University Order Form

Evzio Resources:
   Evzio Website 
   EVZIO 2mg Summary Sheet for Pharmacists