About Us

Agency Philosophy:

The Kansas Board of Pharmacy will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, accountability, efficiency, and openness. The board subscribes to the ideal that pharmacy practice is a public trust. We approach our activities with a deep sense of purpose and responsibility. The public and regulated community alike can be assured of a balanced and sensible approach to regulation.

Agency Mission: 

The mission of the Kansas Board of Pharmacy is to ensure that all persons and entities conducting business relating to the practice of pharmacy in this state, are properly licensed and registered.  This will protect the public's health, safety and welfare and promote the education and understanding of pharmacy related practices.

Agency Goals, Objectives and Strategies:

I. To ensure compliance with Kansas statutes regarding proper compounding and dispensing of prescription drugs, and maintenance of professional practice standards for pharmacists practicing in the state.
II. To ensure compliance with Kansas statutes regarding proper manufacture, distribution, and sale of prescription and nonprescription drugs, including controlled substances and poisons, by all pharmacy related entities doing business in the state.

III. To protect the public against the unprofessional, improper, unauthorized and unqualified practice of pharmacy.

Agency Operations:

The seven member Board of Pharmacy is appointed by the Governor for overlapping four year terms and is composed of six licensed pharmacists with five years experience, and one member who represents the general public.The Kansas Board of Pharmacy regulates the practice of pharmacy professionals and pharmacy-related entities conducting business within Kansas, or shipment of pharmaceuticals directly to businesses or citizens domiciled in the state.

The Board licenses/registers approximately 18,000 persons and entities. The Board issues new licenses based on reciprocity of a person licensed from another state, or through the administration of two national pharmacist examinations. The Board evaluates and approves pharmacist continuing education programs.  The Board renews licenses based on the completion of continuing education requirements.

The Board investigates complaints regarding unlawful practice and complaints against license holders and.  The Board may, after a public hearing, revoke suspend or place on probation the person or entities' license to conduct business in the state. Fines assessed to persons and entities are collected by the Board of Pharmacy and 100% of the fine is deposited directly into the State General Fund. All expenses of the Board are met through fees assessed for annual renewals, registration of pharmacy-related businesses, pharmacist examinations, score certifications and license verification.

The Board's administrative duties are performed by an Executive Secretary (Director), two Assistant Directors, three full-time office personnel, a part-time legal assistant, a K-TRACS epidemiologist and program manager, a Director of Compliance, two pharmacy inspectors, and two compliance officers and a public service administrator.