New options available for K-TRACS interstate data sharing

Oct 20, 2020

In response to feedback from a recent K-TRACS user survey, three neighboring states can be made available for Kansas pharmacists and prescribers to query patient prescription data from within health records integrations.

Colorado, Oklahoma and/or Missouri prescription drug data can be added to integrated systems by requesting access from the K-TRACS software vendor, Appriss Health.

Prescription data from all approved states will be visible in the patient’s integrated workflow, with no need to search states individually. Out-of-state prescriptions will be clearly marked in the patient’s prescription history.

The access to other states is not immediate: Each state must approve your organization. Once a state has reviewed your request, you will receive an automated email from that state informing you of their decision.

There are two steps to the request process:

  1. Make the request
  2. Fill out your profile

To learn more about interstate data sharing, please visit the K-TRACS website.