K-TRACS survey shows program’s impact

Oct 19, 2020

According to survey results, 97% of K-TRACS users believe K-TRACS has a positive impact on preventing prescription drug misuse, abuse and diversion in the state of Kansas.

K-TRACS disseminated a survey over the summer to gauge user perceptions and identify areas for improvement. Approximately 11% of pharmacists registered to use K-TRACS responded to the survey, with 330 responses recorded from active user pharmacists.

Read the full survey report here

One of the most significant survey results was the importance of K-TRACS integration with pharmacy management systems in pharmacists’ frequency of use and perceived barriers to use. Of pharmacists using an integrated system, 73% report using the system daily compared to the overall pharmacist average of 48%.

Nearly 300 Kansas pharmacies use K-TRACS integration.

Additionally, integrated pharmacists and prescribers both reported higher levels of “no barriers” to K-TRACS usage (38%) compared to non-integrated users (27%). Among non-integrated users, workflow interruptions and frequent password changes were the highest rated barriers.

To address concerns about the frequency of password changes, K-TRACS has changed its requirements. Users are now only required to change their passwords every 6 months. Security requirements such as type of characters and length of password required remain the same.

Other significant survey findings include:

  • 97% of pharmacists believe the prescription drug data they report to K-TRACS is accurate and complete
  • 77% of pharmacists reported their communication has increased and/or improved with prescribers, while 60% report communication improvements with patients. Only 6% of pharmacists reported no change in communication levels as a result of using K-TRACS.
  • The most common scenarios in which both pharmacists and prescribers use K-TRACS are when they suspect misuse or “doctor/pharmacy shopping” behavior among patients, when patients request early refills, and before prescribing or dispensing for new patients.

Read the full survey report for more information about K-TRACS usage and perceptions among both users and non-users.