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Alert: Phishing Scams Against Licensees and Registrants

Sep 01, 2020

The Board has recently learned about malicious actors calling pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, representing themselves as staff members at the Board.

These actors indicate that there are complaints, investigations, or outstanding disciplinary actions pending against licensees and registrants. In some cases, malicious actors are able to spoof caller ID or mask email addresses, and may even have publicly available licensee names and license numbers. These inquiries are fraudulent!

While the Board does make phone calls and send mail/email correspondence to its licensees and registrants, staff will always allow you to terminate the communication. If you receive a call or email and are unsure of its validity, contact one of the direct email addresses or phone numbers on the Board’s website so you can be assured that you are legitimately communicating with a Board staff member.

Notification of disciplinary action will always be made by mail or email to your address of record.

Board staff members are listed by name, and contact information is updated regularly on the Board website at