Registering to use K-TRACS is easy and completely online. You should gather all the information you need prior to beginning the online process so that your registration can be completed in a timely manner. Prescribers and pharmacists are required to provide:

  • DEA number (prescribers only)
  • NPI number (prescribers only)
  • Kansas state license number
  • Personal demographics (name, date of birth, email address)
  • Employer information

If you need assistance with registration, please download our how-to document. Registrations are pending approval until verified by the K-TRACS administrator. You can expect approval of your registration within two business days of submitting all required information.


Prescribers should choose the appropriate role based on their licensure status. For special circumstances, please refer to the following guidance:

  • Prescribers without personal DEAs:
    • Select Institutional Prescriber if you prescribe under a hospital DEA. Include your hospital-issued DEA suffix.
    • Select Prescriber without DEA if you do not prescriber under a personal or institutional DEA number.
  • Out-of-state prescribers:
    • If you have a Missouri and Kansas license, enter your Kansas license information and choose the appropriate role based on your licensure status.
    • If you have a Missouri license only, choose the Out of State Prescriber role.
    • If you are licensed in Kansas but practice outside the state and are engaged in telemedicine, select the Telehealth Prescriber role.
  • Post-graduate MD/DO (94-xxxxx):
    • If you have a personal DEA number, choose Medical Resident with Prescriptive Authority.
    • If you are prescribing under a hospital DEA, choose Medical Resident. Include your hospital-issued DEA suffix.


Prescribers and pharmacists can appoint delegates such as licensed nursing staff or registered pharmacy technicians to be delegates to use K-TRACS on their behalf.

To register for K-TRACS, delegates should:

  1. Know your supervisor's or employer's DEA number and the email address the supervisor used to register their K-TRACS account.
  2. Use only a work-affiliated email address as your username.
  3. Remind the supervising prescriber or pharmacist to add your account as soon as possible.

K-TRACS Delegates