Pharmacy Statutes and Regulations

Kansas Pharmacy Act and Other Related Laws

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The lawbook listed above contains the current "unofficial" pharmacy law and rules. Official copies of the law may be obtained from the statute books. Official copies of the regulations may be obtained from the Kansas Secretary of State. The "unofficial" laws and rules contained in this book are not to be considered the final authority on the current law. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this book, for legal purposes the law should be obtained from the statute books and the rules from the Kansas Secretary of State's Administrative Regulations.

Note: Pharmacies operating in Kansas are required to maintain a reference library including a copy of the laws and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy in hard copy or electronic format. Please note that the electronic version must be accessible to pharmacy personnel at all times.



Pharmacy Practice Act-Regulations

  • Article 1. Registration and Examination of Pharmacists

  • Article 2. Drugstores

  • Article 3. Retail Dealers Permit

  • Article 4. Manufacturers

  • Article 5. General Rules

  • Article 6. Poisons, Additions and Deletions to Statutory List

  • Article 7. Miscellaneous Provisions

  • Article 8. Advertising

  • Article 9. Automated Prescription Systems

  • Article 10. Nuclear Pharmacies

  • Article 11. Fees

  • Article 12. Resale of Medication

  • Article 13. Parenteral Products

  • Article 14. Wholesale Distributors

  • Article 15. Nonprescription Wholesale Distributors

  • Article 18. Utilization of Unused Medications

  • Article 19. Continuous Quality Assurance Programs

  • Article 22. Electronic Supervision of Medical Care Facility's Pharmacy Personnel

Controlled Substances Act-Regulations

  • Article 20. Controlled Substances

  • Article 21. Prescription Monitoring Program