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Pharmacy Interns

Kansas Internship-Externship Requirements

All pharmaceutical experience required by law and regulations shall be supervised by a registered pharmacist who has a minimum of 2 years experience in the active practice of pharmacy as a registered pharmacist immediately preceding acceptance by the Board as a preceptor.

Interns shall register with the Board of Pharmacy. Once registered as an intern, all hours to be counted shall be completed within 6 years, not counting military service, unless special permission extending the time period is obtained in writing from the Board.

1500 clock hours as a registered intern working under a registered preceptor. All hours worked when the intern is in regular attendance at an accredited school of pharmacy and during vacation time and other times when the intern is enrolled but not in regular attendance at an accredited school of pharmacy may be counted as qualified hours. However, not more than 60 hours shall be acquired in any one week; or

No time may accrue to a student prior to acceptance in an accredited school of pharmacy.

Proof of pharmaceutical experience shall be by affidavits filed with the Executive Secretary of the Board from the applicant and registered pharmacist or pharmacists who supervised the intern.

On the reverse side of the preceptor-internship affidavit, the intern should itemize specific individual periods and specific individual hours of allowable internship time performed which have been certified by the preceptor, compute and total.

This certified record of internship time should be sent to the office of the Executive Secretary at least quarterly in order that a current file may be maintained. Interns should also keep a copy of every affidavit.

All affidavits which are to be submitted are the responsibility of the intern and not the preceptor.

To request an Intern Application packet, e-mail your name and address to and include "Intern Application Request" in the subject line.

Intern Affidavit 1
Intern Affidavit 2

Duplicate Pocket Card Application
 Application for New Pharmacist License 
This is for graduating pharmacists and is by examination and
score transfer.  Once you have completed this application, go
to the NABP website to sign up for the NAPLEX and MPJE.

Guidelines for Accommodations for NAPLEX & MPJE Testing

NAPLEX & MPJE Score Results

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