Licensing Resources

License Examination Instructions
(Original Licensure and Score Transfer) 

Implementation of MPJE Program Updates

Application for New Pharmacist License:
Form LA-01 Pharmacist by Exam
This is for graduating pharmacists and is by
examination and score transfer.  Once you
have completed this application, go to the
NABP website to sign up for the NAPLEX
and MPJE. 

Licensure Application by Reciprocity:
This application is located on the
NABP website. Once there you will also
need to sign up to take the MPJE for Kansas. 

License Transfer Instructions

NAPLEX and MPJE Score Results
Foreign Graduate Licensure Instructions
Guidelines for Accommodations for


Other Resources

Helpful Links and Tools:

Use the following on our Forms Page:

LA-40 Change in Name or Contact Info Form
LA-50 Change in Employment Form
LA-80 Duplicate Pocket Card Application
LA-85 Duplicate Wall License Application
LA-100 Original Wall License Application

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI):
Kansas Pharmacists Recovery Network (KsPRN) 
Kansas Pharmacists Association
1020 SW Fairlawn Road
Topeka, KS  66604-2275
Phone: (785) 217-7091
Fax: (913) 273-6797 
Applications for Reinstatement

LA-60 Pharmacists - Reinstatement

LA-65 Pharmacist - Reinstatement after Revocation
If your pharmacist license has been revoked by the Kansas Board of Pharmacy, you must wait a minimum of one year from the date of revocation before applying for reinstatement.