K-TRACS is one of more than 40 state prescription drug monitoring programs that participate in PMP Interconnect to securely exchange prescription drug data.

K-TRACS users can search more than 30 of those states for patient data. Some states limit how many other states can access their data, which is why not all participating states are available to K-TRACS users.

You can search states individually on a per-patient-search basis. This can be useful if you know a new patient has moved from another state. Or you can select default states to include in every patient search, which may be useful for practices near the state borders.

Currently, searching other states for patient data is only available in the web version of K-TRACS, not through integrated systems.


K-TRACS is connected to prescription drug monitoring programs in Missouri, Colorado and Oklahoma. Kansas data is shared the most with those three states. Kansas is also connected to the Military Health System, which contains pharmacy data from military bases across the U.S.

Nebraska is one of a handful of state prescription drug monitoring programs that is NOT connected to other state systems.

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