Delegates can help you search patient prescription drug histories to improve efficiencies and workflows.

Each prescriber and pharmacist is allowed up to 10 delegates, but you should limit the number of delegates to ensure effective supervision. You should select staff such as licensed nurses or registered pharmacy technicians to act on your behalf in the K-TRACS system.

Delegates cannot use K-TRACS through an integrated system — only prescribers and pharmacists can — so it's important to encourage them to register and help them complete the registration process by adding them to your account.


K-TRACS Delegates


K.S.A. 65-1685 (f) requires prescribers and pharmacists to notify K-TRACS within 30 days of any action that would disqualify a delegate from being authorized to use K-TRACS, including employment change, licensure status change, etc.

When K-TRACS delegates leave your practice, please either remove them from your K-TRACS account or contact K-TRACS staff to remove their access.

On an annual basis, review the delegates listed in your K-TRACS account to ensure users have the appropriate access.