K-TRACS Statewide Integration

Kansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Press Release

K-TRACS Integration Welcome Packet
Statewide Integration FAQs

Integration Process Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Complete the Integration Interest Form. Make sure to identify the primary contact as the person who is leading the integration project on behalf of your organization.
  2. Review, sign, and return the Terms and Conditions Agreement.
  3. Notify your software vendor that your entity is pursuing integration.
  4. Wait for your software vendor to be approved for integration by the Kansas Board of Pharmacy.
  5. Have your software vendor review the Application Programming Interface (API) guidelines to determine the level of effort necessary for organization to integrate and the approximate timeline for implementation.
  6. Appriss, the K-TRACS software vendor, will set up an initial technical meeting with your software vendor.
  7. Check on the status with your software vendor to ensure timely responses and encourage progress.