Upcoming Events

K-TRACS (PMP) Advisory Committee Meeting

  • Dates: 04 – 04 Nov, 2022
  • Location: Topeka, KS
  • Address: 800 SW Jackson, Lower Level
  • Email: [email protected]


Pharmacy Technician Online Renewal Portal:ksbop.elicensesoftware.com/portal_logon.aspx

If you renewed online and answered “NO” to all disciplinary questions, you can immediately log back into the portal and print your 2023 renewal certificate. The Board will not print/mail a copy of the renewed license.
If you answered “YES” to a disciplinary question, you can verify your renewal has been received by visiting the License Verification page and checking for the updated expiration date. Allow 10 business days for review.

Licensing & Registration

About the Board

The Kansas Board of Pharmacy has seven board members who make determinations about the practice of pharmacy in the state of Kansas. The Board operates in three divisions: compliance, licensing and K-TRACS.