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Board of Pharmacy Quarterly Meeting - Day 1

  • Dates: 11 – 11 Sep, 2019
  • <strong>Location:</strong> Topeka, Kansas, US
  • <strong>Address:</strong> 714 SW Jackson Suite 100
  • <strong>How to find us:</strong> Board of Cosmetology Conference Room
This is a two day meeting. Only the first day of the meeting will be available via Webex.

Draft Sept 2019 Agenda

Board Meetings

The Board of Pharmacy meets on a quarterly basis. All meetings are open to the public. A draft agenda is set by the Board 7-10 days prior to the next scheduled meeting and is made available to the public on this website. The agenda is subject to change and items may be taken out of order. The Board limits public comments to five minutes per person.

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